Budget and Revenue Refresher

Welcome to the IFAS Budget and Revenue Training Refresher. Click on any of the links in the table below to launch an online simulation -- with sound -- showing you how to use IFAS to complete the major forms for your budget packet and updating the revenue form for the Auditor's Office.

Form Number Description Link w/duration
Introduction Introduction to the program Introduction
BD_FORM_400 and
Budget summary, statistics, mission statement Forms 400/402 (11 min.)
BD_FORM_401 Salary, supplies, services, miscellaneous items Form 401 (8 min.)
BD_FORM_403 through
BD_FORM_408, BD_FORM_413, 
and BD_FORM_415
Non-mandatory forms: travel, utilities, equipment, vehicles, capital improvements, etc. Forms 403-408, 413 and 415 (12 min.)
BD_FORM_412 Department/division organization chart  Form 412 (1 min.)
BD_FORM_414 Budget document summary - 5-year projections Form 414 (5 min.)
(with BD_FORM_410 and
Position changes/new position requests Forms 411 410 and 3441 (7 min.)
BD_FORM_323 Revenue estimates/projections  Revenue Form 323 (4 min.) 

This program was designed for experienced budget and revenue users as well as a follow-up for new users who have attended the instructor-led budget and revenue class at the ITC Training Center.

Duration times shown are approximate. The simulations will run automatically in your browser; however, you can pause, rewind, or fast-forward through the screens at any time via the navigation bar that is displayed as the program runs.

Please note the following when viewing these demonstrations:

  • Each year, the information from the last target year is rolled into the new target year.
  • All screens are rolled except BDVEHICL and BDBUDGET.
  • Most users will only need to make updates.
  • The IFAS screens default to BROWSE mode.
  • You must be in the correct ledger when entering information for your department.
  • The demonstrations may display screens showing past fiscal years. Please enter the appropriate fiscal year when entering your budget information.


NOTE: The first time you click on a demonstration, the download process will take a few seconds to complete. Subsequent viewings of the demonstration should launch with little delay.

We hope these online demonstrations provide you with a solid understanding of the steps required to complete these BID forms in IFAS.