Online Forms, Applications, and Database Searches

Online Forms & Database Searches
Alarm Permits
Instructions, Fees, Print Application
Assumed Names Inquiry System (DBA)
Search for Business Names (DBA) - Provided By: County Clerk
Search & Bid on Surplus and Confiscated Property - Provided by: Purchasing Dept.
Case Information and Court Record Search
Harris County District Courts and County Criminal Courts at Law - Provided by: District Clerk
Child Support Payment Information
Use your Harris County cause number to search payment history.
Crime Victim Information
Provides access to Crime Victim Information and Resources Provided by: Justice Information Management Systems (JIMS)
County Civil Court At Law Inquiry System
Provided by: County Clerk
County Civil Court At Law Public View
Provided by: County Clerk
Delinquent Property Tax Searches
Provided by: Tax Assessor-Collector
Dismissal of Traffic Tickets by Driver Safety Course
Defendants with eligible offenses may apply for a dismissal and pay the required court costs.
Provided by: District Clerk's Office
EZ TAG - Online Application
Provided by: Toll Road Authority
Informal Marriage License
Search database for informal marriages. Provided by: County Clerk
JP Courts Online Ticket Payments
Pay your Harris County ticket using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover or a valid checking account.
Jury Service Date Reset
Reset juror service, claim exemption or disqualification.
Library Services (Law)
Library Services (Public) - Find a Book
Library Services (Public) - Find a Kids' Book
Marriage License Inquiry System
Search database for marriages licenses.
Miscellaneous Personal Records Inquiry System
Provided by: County Clerk
Online Justice Reports - JIMS
Subscriber Access Criminal & Civil
Probate Court Inquiry System
Provided by: County Clerk
Probate Court Two Docket Inquiry
Property Tax Payment
Provided by: Tax Assessor-Collector
Public Health and Environmental Services Online
Dead Bird Reporting, Food Permits, Hurricane Evacuation 2-1-1 Special Needs Transportation Registry, Lead Hazard Reporting, License Pets, Neighborhood Nuisance Reporting, Foodborne Illness Reporting, Water Problem
Real Property Inquiry System
Provided by: County Clerk
Sheriff's Office
Jail Booking, Release Report & Arrest Report
Sheriff's Office
Public Information Inquiry
Tax Record Searches
Provided by: Tax Assessor-Collector
Uniform Commercial Code Inquiry System
Provided by: County Clerk
Vital Statistics Inquiry System
Provided by: County Clerk
Voter Registration Searches
Provided by: Tax Assessor-Collector
Downloadable Forms & Applications
Bail Bonding
Attorney Application, Corporate Application, Property Application - Provided by: Bail Bond Board
County Clerk - Downloadable Forms
Assumed Names, County Civil Court, Probate Court, Marriage License.
District Clerk - Downloadable Forms
Child Support, Criminal Bureau, etc...
Domestic Relations Office - Downloadable Forms
Legal Enforcement – Child Support & Visitation
Family Court Services – Social Studies
Family Dispute Resolutions – Mediation
Community Supervision – Terms & Conditions
Employment Application
(Click on "Job Application" to download)
J.P. Court Legal Forms
Forms for traffic, criminal and civil cases in the Justice of the Peace Courts.
Opt-out form for Tax Database (PDF Form)
Request to Remove Personal Information from the Harris County Tax Office Website.
Tax Assessor-Collector - Downloadable Forms
Vehicle Registration, Property Tax, and other forms
County Information
County Archives
Harris County Government History