O'Donnell Bail Bond Case

Harris County seeks an independent Court Monitor

To resolve Plaintiffs’ constitutional claims in the lawsuit O’Donnell v. Harris County, which challenged misdemeanor bail policies and practices in Harris County, Harris County and the Plaintiffs entered into a consent decree. In furtherance of its obligations under the consent decree, Harris County seeks an independent Court Monitor to serve for seven years beginning on the date the Monitor is appointed by the Court. If interested, please contact all of the following individuals:

o          Representative of Plaintiff Class: Elizabeth Rossi, Plaintiffs’ counsel, elizabeth@civilrightscorps.org

o          Representatives of Harris County: Melissa Spinks, Assistant County Attorney, Melissa.Spinks@cao.hctx.net; Jim Bethke, Director, Justice Administration Department, jim.bethke@jad.hctx.net

o          Representative of County Criminal Court at Law Judges: Allan VanFleet, Counsel for the 16 County Criminal Court at Law Judges, allanvanfleet@gmail.com

o          Representative of Harris County Sheriff’s Office: Major Patrick Dougherty, patrick.dougherty@sheriff.hctx.net