Service Request

The Harris County Service Request is a mobile application that enables citizens to submit non-emergency requests to the responsible County Precinct using a smart phone or tablet. A typical Harris County service request can be anything from reporting a pothole, trees obstructing roadways, traffic obstructions, to identifying road closures. The mobile application is quick and easy to use as the submission requires just a few clicks and minimal typing.

After the initial installation and configuration of the user’s profile, submitting a service request requires four simple steps.

  • Launch the application
  • Take a picture or use existing picture
  • Choose location or allow the application to define the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) coordinates
  • Select the request category to input description and then click submit

The Service Request mobile application can be shared or collaborated with other jurisdictions with minimal development effort by using available GIS information.

Application Features

  • Saves user profile for application reuse
  • Capture or use existing photo to attach to service request
  • Automatic routing of request to correct Harris County precinct
  • Address location awareness using GPS
  • Adjust location using drag and drop
  • Determination of whether location of request is outside Harris County
  • Input description of service request
  • Secured transmission of data using 128 Bit SSL encryption
  • Store submitted Service Request on phone
  • Email sent to citizen with request id to reference

Install on Android (use any QR scanner application)

Install on iOS Device (use any QR scanner application)