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The Power of Civil Enforcement.



The Office of the County Attorney is the civil lawyer for Harris County and in addition to our other duties we go to court to require businesses to follow the law.  In some cases we use this authority to close down criminal enterprises and seek court orders to stop crime.

Chapter 125 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code authorizes our Office to bring suit against places that knowingly tolerate certain criminal activity or persons who fail to fail to make reasonable attempts to prevent crime.  Places that allow illegal activity to occur destroy the quality of life in neighborhoods and attract other crime.


 We use our power of Civil Enforcement to fight:

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking






    Illegal Gambling 




About us:

The Harris County Attorney is the civil lawyer for Harris County and many other governmental agencies.

The Harris County Attorney:

  • Uses civil enforcement to protect neighborhoods, clean up the environment, and shut down illegal enterprises;
  • Protects children and the elderly through our representation of state and county agencies;
  • Defends Harris County when lawsuits are filed against it;
  • Pursues claims and collects revenue when the County is owed money;
  • Advises elected officials and prepares contracts for Harris County.

Thank you for electing me to serve you. It is a serious responsibility. My staff and I will do our very best every day to merit the trust you have placed in us.
The Office of the Harris County Attorney

Vince Ryan


Handbook for County Boards

At the request of Commissioners Court our Office created a Handbook for Members of Boards and Committees Appointed by Commissioners Court.  We are pleased to provide this Handbook for those who have agreed to serve the people of Harris County through their appointment to a board or committee.  The Handbook will help provide guidance on a variety of issues including government transparency,  avoiding conflicts of interest, and proper discharge of fiduciary duties.   Click here to see the latest version.



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