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Harris County Records Center

4625 Crites Street

Houston, Texas 77011


Hours:  MondayFriday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM


Harris County officials and employees may contact the Records Center at:

Phone:  (713) 368-0055

Fax:     (713) 437-4343

Email:    Records.Center@itc.hctx.net



Paul Scott - Records Management Officer - Paul.Scott@itc.hctx.net

J.R. Cantu - Records Center Supervisor - Jerediah.Cantu@itc.hctx.net

Elizabeth Laird - Records Analyst - Elizabeth.Laird@itc.hctx.net

Andrew Arriaga - Records Technician - Andrew.Arriaga@itc.hctx.net

Damien Tasby - Records Technician -  Damien.Tasby@itc.hctx.net


Please Note:  The Records Center can release records only to the departments that are storing them. 


Other Helpful Contacts:


Hon. Stan Stanart, County Clerk, http://www.cclerk.hctx.net for marriage, birth, death, real property, probate, county civil court and other instruments filed for record.


Hon. Chris Daniel, District Clerk, http://www.hcdistrictclerk.com for district court records including divorces.


Hon. Mike Sullivan, Assessor and Collector of Taxes, http://www.tax.co.harris.tx.us/.


Sarah Canby Jackson, Harris County Archivist, http://www.hctx.net/archives for historically significant county records not maintained by the above officials.


City of Houston Bureau of Vital Statistics, www.houstontx.gov/health/BirthCert/index.html for birth and death records occurring within Houston city limits.


Paul R. Scott, Harris County Records Management Officer, Paul.Scott@itc.hctx.net for assistance locating other public records.

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