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Clarinda Comstock
Associate Judge/Staff Attorney
*Probate Litigation
*Dismissal for Want of Prosecution
*Trust Litigation

Sherrie Fox
Guardianship and Mental Health Coordinator
*All Guardianship Applications
   -Permanent, Temporary, & Contests
*Sets Guardianship Dockets
*Guardianship Administration
   -Sale of Real Property
   -Management Trusts
*Sale of Minor's Property without a Guardianship
*Mental Health Docket
*Monitors H.C. Guardianship Program 

Eileen Harris
Court Coordinator
*Reviews Probate & Heirship Dockets
*Small Estate Affidavits
*Sets Uncontested Probate of Will & Heirship Dockets
*Motions for Foreclosure
*Payroll and Human Resources Liaison
*Liaison to Attorney Ad Litems
*Judge's Calendar

Julia F. Elliott
Assistant, Decedent Estates
Auditor (Dependent Estates)

*Dependent Estate Administration
   -Inventories - Dependent Estates
   -Annual and Final Accounts
   -Sale of Real & Personal Property 
   -Applications for Expenses       
   -Show Cause Docket - Decedents
   -Delinquency Letters - Dependent Estates
*Attorney's Fees - Decedents & Guardianships

Jose L. Martinez 
Guardianship & Mental Health Assistant
Auditor (Guardianship Estates)

*Guardianship Administration
   -Annual and Final Reports
   -Annual and Final Accounts
   -Guardian Compensation
   -Applications for Expenses 
   -Sale of Personal Property
   -Show Cause Docket - Guardianships
   -Guardianship Transfers
*Mental Health Docket
    - Attends Mental Health Court on Mondays
*Minor Trust Funds
*CTS Liaison and Database Manager

Gloria L. Bryant
Administrative Assistant
*Order Status Inquiries
*Backup on Phones
*General Inquiries
*Sets Uncontested Probate of Will & Heirship Dockets
*Supervises CLE Training
*Annual Reports - Guardian of the Person only
*Annual Reports & Annual Accounts - Harris County Guardianship Program only
*Delinquency Letters - Guardianships

Joanna Cooper
Court Assistant/ Receptionist
*Order Status Inquiries
*General Inquiries
*Sets Uncontested Probate of Will & Heirship Dockets
*Inventories - Independent Estates
*Beneficiary Notices - Independent Estates
*Delinquency Letters - Independent Estates
*Emergency Funeral and Burial Expense
*Emergency Personal Property Access
*Safe Deposit Box Examination Orders
*Data Entry/Distribution of Filed Instruments

Tasia Dobard
Court Investigator
*Investigation of Guardianships
*Annual Review of Existing Guardianship

Lavern Ashley
Court Investigator
*Investigation of Guardianships
*Annual Review of Existing Guardianships

Hipolita Lopez
Official Certified Court Reporter
 - Take full machine shorthand notes of all court proceedings
 - Furnish Court Transcripts of the reported evidence
 - Attend all Sessions in Court and Mental Health Court
 - Maintain Court Records and Exhibits

Henry Williams
Court Clerk
(Please Call 713-274-8579) 

Ruby Vasquez
Back up Court Clerk
*Service of Citations
(Please Call 713-274-8567)

Michael Taylor

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