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Duties and Responsibilities:
The writ division of Precinct 5, Constable Office is composed of three (3) Civilian Clerks, four (4) Commissioned Supervisors and ten (10) Commissioned Deputies.  This contingent is charged with the duty and responsibility of enforcing decisions mandated by the courts.

The most common of these mandates is in the form of a "writ of execution", which commands the constable to collect the court's judgment through the collection of money, and or seizure and sale of property.

"The writ deputy is the enforcement arm of the court"
Items of Interest:
Inquiries into the status of your writ are always welcome.  We know that your interest in this case far outweighs that of anyone else.  In most instances that will require direct conversation with the deputy assigned your case.  As they are often in the field, you should be prepared to provide the clerk, assisting you, with your case number and a reliable method of daytime contact so that the deputy might bring you up to date as soon as possible.
Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I legally gain possession of my child? 
A person can gain possession of their child through a writ of attachment. A court with jurisdiction will issue the order of attachment commanding the Constable to pick up the child and place them in possession of the person or person's designated by the court. 

Note: If out of state, the order must be domesticated through a Texas court.

How do I collect a debt owed to me? 
Debts can be collected by filing a lawsuit with the court or proper jurisdiction. Once a lawsuit has been decided, the successful party can collect through a writ of execution. 
What is a writ of execution? 
A writ of execution is an order commanding the Constable to collect a debt owed. This can be done through payment of the judgment or "Levy" (seizure of non-exempt assets) to be sold at public auction to satisfy the judgment.

How can I pay a judgment? 
Payment is accepted in the form of cash or cashier's check made payable to Constable Phil Camus.

 Writ Division Fax# 281-492-3525

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