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Important 2015 Final Notice to Harris County System Users

ASTRO 25 Integrated Voice and Data Network

Reliable, accurate and real-time information can make the difference between a difficult and a successful outcome. ASTRO® 25 networks, our Project 25 standards based mission-critical network, provides integrated voice and data communications for emergency response and coordinated communications during and after an incident.

ASTRO 25 Mission Critical Integrated Voice and Data Network provides the backbone for delivering information that's needed, anywhere, anytime. From voice communications, to text messaging, to over the air reprogramming, users have access to information for enhanced decision making.

Regional Radio Goals

  • To provide and manage mobile and portable radio communications for Harris County departments and qualified agencies 
  • The Regional Radio System operates as a CLOSED RADIO NETWORK. Only authorized users may lawfully access this network
  • Since these features are now active, it is mandatory that all new radios include RADIO AUTHENTICATION and PHASE II TDMA
    • Due to end of life for existing analog radio system hardware and pending changes to Federal Communication Commission (FCC) requirements , 
    • Harris County will be migrating to a pure digital Project 25 radio system by December 31, 2015.  

 NOTICE:     New address > 2318 Greens Rd. Houston, Tx. 77032 

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