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Welcome to Harris County Spatial Services Committee Website!

Spatial Services Committee

The Harris County Spatial Services Committee was established by commissioner’s court in 2009 to collect, maintain, and distribute Harris County geographical data.  The spatial services committee is a group of people representing the needs of county residents, Harris County departments, and other regional agencies who have interests in creating and maintaining maps, databases and overlays of information related to geography, addressing, and geographical analysis.  Some of the solutions the committee is currently developing include 
  • Develop a centralized repository for Harris County geographical data
  • Provide county departments an interface to view county geographical data
  • Provide residents mapping solutions for the services provided by Harris County

Spatial Services Technical Subcommittee

The Spatial Services Technical Subcommittee is represented by technical experts from multiple Harris County departments.  The subcommittee serves as a central point for establishing standards and procedures to satisfy the requirements of main committee as they pertain to addressing, geographic, and demographic related applications.  In addition to providing technical support to the main committee, subcommittee members work together to

  • Populate a centralized repository of county geographical data.
  • Identify and track pertinent information about county geographical data (who created it, when it was last updated, etc.)
  • Share working knowledge with each other
  • Divide up GIS tasks to avoid duplication of effort


Your Feedback

Please fee free to send your questions or suggestions to our committee email address at SpatialServicesCommittee@hctx.net



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