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Training Fee Schedule

F&STA Overview
The Harris County Fire & Sheriff's Training Academy (F&STA) is located on Ygnacio Road, just south of Atascocita Road and east of Wilson Road. The main campus provides the facilities and functions necessary for the training of today's law enforcement, fire fighting, and rescue operation personnel. The campus will provide a consolidated environment for classroom teaching, fire fighting and fitness training, rescue operations, fire investigation, and administrative support.

Vital Statistics
Completion Date March 2006
Total Square Feet 65,620 square feet
Construction Cost $8.7 million

Fire / Sheriff's Academy Building

Academy facilities: 44,000 s.f.
  • Eight large classrooms
  • Indoor and covered outdoor multi-purpose training and fitness area
  • One large fitness/exercise room
  • Men’s and women’s showers and locker room facilities
  • Library and student lounge
  • Sheriff's training support offices and conference rooms

Fire Marshal's Offices and HMRT Station

Fire Marshal facilities: 19,000 s.f.
  • Fire investigation building: 10,000 s.f.
  • Evidence storage building: 720 s.f.
  • Hazardous Materials/Training Fire Station: 7,400 s.f.
  • Four-level burn tower

Training Field
A four-level burn tower provides fire simulation, EMS/rescue, jail standards, SWAT and CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) operation scenarios for the training of personnel associated with these activities. The facility's construction is such that live and simulation gas furnace fires may be set in selected burn rooms within the structure for the training of firefighting personnel.


The campus is designed to provide future training props for the both the Sheriff's Department and Fire Marshal's office as their needs grow and more specialized training is needed. Future training props include railcar hazmat simulators, compressed gas pipeline projects, additional residential training props, LPG fires, and arson training burn modules. The campus, when complete later this year, will be a state-of-the-art education and training facility serving Harris and the surrounding counties.
In addition to the campus's role in providing state-of-the-art instruction and training techniques, the role of the F&STA during emergency operations is to (1) support ongoing emergency operations, and (2) function as a secure staging, and/or command and control base of operations in support of local emergency operations. In large-scale emergencies with state and federal assistance (United Search & Rescue teams, D-MAT field hospitals, etc.) the facility can be used for staging and operations areas away from Transtar and affected areas. The facility is secure, has good access, multiple meeting rooms, showers and other sanitary facilities, and has the space to feed and house up to 200 people.

Expansion Plans
As operational needs change, the F&STA plans to add training props designed to provide state-of-the art training for all first responders. These plans are ongoing, and projects may be grouped into one of three categories:
  • Infrastructure – classrooms, support facilities, parking, and building services
  • Training props – structures and fixtures for hands-on, practical training evolutions
  • Other projects