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 Fire Incident Request Form
 Fire Incident Request Form (Spanish)
 Public Records Request Form
Search Records
To search for any inspection records posted to this website, please use our online search tool. These records cannot be downloaded, in order to obtain the record you will need to contact the Custodian of Records.

Custodian of Records
The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Information Coordinator handles open records requests made to the Office of the Harris County Fire Marshal. Individuals seeking documents maintained by the Office of the Harris County Fire Marshal should submit those requests to the Public Information Coordinator as follows:

Pursuant to Chapter 552.001 et seq.: The Harris County Fire Marshal has designated Laurie Christensen, as the recipient of all requests for public information held by the Office of the Harris County Fire Marshal.

Requests for public information shall be sent by writing to:
Laurie Christensen
Public Information Coordinator
Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office
2318 Atascocita Rd. Humble Texas 77396
By facsimile: (281) 436-8025
By email: FMO Records Request

For more information about the Public Information Act, visit the Texas Attorney General website.

Fire Reports
The Harris County Fire Marshal is the authority having jurisdiction for maintaining fire records in unincorporated Harris County. Please call or visit during office hours to request a fire report:
  • We will require the location and date of the fire. There is no charge for the public record effective April 1, 2002.
  • A copy of the detail report is available if the case is closed as an accidental fire.
  • There is a fee for photos if available.
  • You must visit the office during business hours.
  • You may either mail in a request or appear in person. Public records are usually available 1 week after the fire.

Phase 1 Environmental Assessments
In accordance with the revised fee schedule adopted June 1, 2011, there will be a $50 fee for environmental assessments. To request an environmental report for a specific property, please complete and mail in an environmental report request form along with a $50 cashier’s check or money order made out to the Harris County Fire Marshal to the following address:

Attention: Environmental Assessment
Harris County Fire Marshal
2318 Atascocita Rd
Humble, TX 77396

Inspection Letter
The HCFMO uses an inspection letter to indicate the current status of an inspection. Each letter is an "evergreen" document and changes each time there is a change of information. The letter includes the following about an inspection:
  • Current status of an inspection (compliant, noncompliant etc.)
  • Outstanding deficiencies at this particular occupancy.

The letter does NOT indicate any of the following:
  • Original status of an inspection
  • Listing of corrected deficiencies
  • Location or severity of each deficiency
  • Deficiencies found during previous inspections
  • Deficiencies at other occupancies at the same address location(i.e. strip center w/ multiple businesses.)

To receive the latest inspection information for a facility, please send a written request with the address and occupancy by one of the following methods:
  • Fax your request to 281-436-8005
  • Mail your request to the HCFMO main office. (see contact info on the left)

All Other Information
All requests for information or records require a written request. Please complete a Public Records Request Form. Please be specific in what you need. Failure to list exactly what information you need could lead to a high cost to you.

You may submit the completed form by any of the following methods:
  • Fax your request to 281-436-8005
  • Mail your request to the HCFMO main office. (see contact info on the left)

For any specific questions about what types of records the HCFMO maintains, please call 281-436-8000.