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Request an Inspection

New Facilities

Updated July 26, 2012

Fee Schedule
The fees for the final inspection is included in the original permit fee paid at Harris County Permits. Here is a link to the fee schedule for permits.

Application Submittal
New Facilities require a permit number from Harris County Permits. Please enter your permit number here to apply for your final inspection:
Final inspection request for new facility or new business

Includes any new facility requiring a final inspection and permitted by Harris County PID.

Permit Number Lookup

Permit Fee Schedule

Existing Facilities

Updated September 10, 2012

Fee Schedule
The fees are listed below next to each inspection type and are included in the application process. While it isn't required when you apply for your inspection, you may download this fee schedule approved by commissioner's court to check the rates listed below.

Checklist Guide

Application Submittal
  • Apply Online (fastest method) Saves about 5 business days for processing. Applicants may pay by credit, debit or personal / business checks (if applicable). To apply online, simply use the "apply now" button below.
  • Apply in Person (slow method) Allows customers to pay in person and with cash, cashier's check, or money order. To apply by mail, download the inspection application below and mail the application to the address listed on the application.
  • Apply by Mail (slowest method) Allows customers to pay by cashier's check or money order. To apply by mail, download the inspection application below and follow the instructions on the application.

Application Processsing Time
Method Mail Verification Data Entry Inspector Call Total
Online 0 1 0 2 3 business days*
In Person 0 1 2 2 5 business days*
Mail 3-5 3 2 2 10-12 business days*

*If you have not received a phone call from an inspector within the time frames listed above, please call 281-436-8030. The time shown is the time required to process the application and does not include the time to complete your inspection.
Adult Care Facility ($125)

Adult Care Facilities for <24 hour use.

Mail in Application (slowest method)

Day Care Center ($150)

Daycare center or afterschool program previously inspected by the HCFMO.

Mail in Application (slowest method)

Foster Group Home 7-12 children ($125)

Residence with 7 – 12 foster children. The residence may have more than 12 total children with up to 12 being foster children.

Foster Home Checklist/Guidelines

Mail in Application (slowest method)

Hospital or Nursing Home ($325)

Hospitals and nursing homes provide one or more of the following: medical, surgical, psychiatric, nursing or custodial care on a 24-hour basis for persons who are not capable of self-preservation.

Mail in Application (slowest method)

Outpatient Clinic ($260)

"Type B" businesses operating as outpatient clinics.

Mail in Application (slowest method)

Residential Treatment ($125)

Includes assisted living, 24 hour care, personal care facilities, maternity homes, and similar facilities

Mail in Application (slowest method)

School, Private ($260)

Private schools in unincorporated Harris County.

Mail in Application (slowest method)

Temporary Vendor ($260)

Temporary vendors include any temporary food or retail establishments. Examples include food, festivals, events, theatrical performances, live animals.

Mail in Application (slowest method)

Vocational Schools ($260)

Training development and other vocational training.

Mail in Application (slowest method)