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Welcome to Harris County Community Supervision & Corrections Department Website!



The Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department serves 22 district criminal courts and 15 county criminal courts at law with supervision and services for approximately 38,000 felony and misdemeanor offenders. The Department provides pre-sentence investigations and assessment services for the courts. The Judges contract with the county for payroll and purchasing services, and the county, by statute, provides facilities, equipment and utilities. There are six regional office sites, three neighborhood reporting locations, five residential treatment programs and additional offices in the criminal courthouse. Currently, the Department has approximately 875 employees under the oversight of the Director who is appointed by the judges.
The Vision of the Department

We are committed to promoting a positive atmosphere and enhancing community safety by providing all Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department clients opportunities for change so that they can successfully complete community supervision and become productive, law-abiding citizens.


Featured Program

DIVERT (Direct Intervention using Voluntary Education, Restitution and Treatment)  is a pre-trial diversion program for eligible first time DWI offenders in Harris County with no prior criminal history.   The program took its first clients in September of 2009.   From the inception,   HCCSCD has evaluated 2338 clients for entry into the DIVERT program.   As of May, there are currently 1392 clients who have signed an agreement with the District Attorney’s office for the DIVERT program.   


The clients are assessed up front by Harris County Community Supervision and Corrections Department and a report is forwarded to the DA’s office and the Court for consideration into the program.  The DIVERT clients are currently being supervised at 49 San Jacinto as well as the North, South and West Region offices on a limited basis.   The clients are required to attend treatment as outlined in their recommendations, complete the DIVERT education classes designed to prevent driving under the influence,  have an ignition interlock installed on their vehicles for a minimum period of time,  and complete 16 hours of community service. 


The program is an opportunity for a first time DWI offender to complete a program that promotes community safety and subsequently affords an opportunity to have the case dismissed upon successful completion.

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