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To review or print Regulations, click on entire Regulations or a specific Rule. Please allow a few minutes for the Regulations to load. They may be read as an Acrobat document (.pdf format) or as a Microsoft Word document (.doc format).

To view or print a document, click on the PDF or MS Word Button.

CivilService Regulations (MS Word 169KB) 
Cover (PDF 12KB) or (MS_Word 24KB)
Index (PDF   60KB) or (MS Word   52KB)
Rule  1:  Authority, Amendment (PDF    9KB)  or (MS Word   48KB)
Rule  2:  Definitions (PDF   15KB) or (MS Word   53KB)
Rule  3:  Administration (PDF  106KB) or (MS Word   61KB)
Rule  4:  Position Classification (PDF   14KB) or (MS Word   55KB)
Rule  5:  Compensation Plan (PDF    4KB) or  (MS Word   46KB)
Rule  6:  Employment Criteria (PDF     5KB) or (MS Word   47KB)
Rule  7:  Hours in Week, Outside Employment,
                Overtime, Legal Holidays and Leaves of
(PDF   11KB) or (MS Word   51KB)
Rule  8:  Probation and Disciplinary Probation (PDF   11KB) or (MS Word  51KB)
Rule  9:  Certification and Appointment (PDF    7KB) or  (MS Word   49KB)
Rule 10: Records and Reports (PDF    8KB) or  (MS Word   48KB)
Rule 11: Prohibitions and Penalties (PDF   10KB) or (MS Word   22KB)
Rule 12: Disciplinary Actions and Appeals (PDF 12KB) or (MS Word 56KB)
Rule 13: Grievances (PDF   12KB) or (MS Word   54KB)
Rule 14: Promotions and Eligibility Lists (PDF 40KB) or (MS Word 47KB)
Rule 15: Performance Evaluations (PDF 10KB) or (MS Word   50KB)
Rule 16:  Tenure, Layoffs and Reductions in
                  Rank, Resignations, Retirement, 
                  Demotions, Seniority
(PDF   16KB) or (MS Word   56KB)
Rule 17:  Intrabureau Transfers,
                  Interbureau Transfers
(PDF    4KB) or  (MS Word   47KB)
Rule 18:  Employee Development (PDF    4KB) or  (MS Word   46KB)
Rule 19:  Civil Service Rights of Exempt
                  (Unclassified) Employees
(PDF    6KB) or  (MS Word   48KB)
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