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Map Collection
Map Title Date Description
Bird's Eye View of the City of Houston Texas 1873

Birdseye view.  Original not in the collections of the Harris County Archives.

Includes numbered references to public buildings, chruches, utilities, manufacturers, banks, and railroad depots.

Houston, Texas (Looking South) 1891

Birdseye view.  Original not in the collections of the Harris County Archives.

Includes a Directory of Public Buildings, Hotels, Railroads and leading Manufactories and a Church Directory according to denomination and race.  Illustrations of the Land and Trust Bank, Electric Power Station of the Houston City Street Railway Company, A. Hampe Dry Goods and Millinery, City Hall and Town Market, Harris County Courthouse, Houston Cotton Exchange. C. C. Gibbs Office Building form the bottom boundary of the map.

Houston. Street Guide 1904

Copyright by P. Whitty, Surveyor.  Original size 22.5 x 22.5 inches.


Includes city wards, bayous, cemeteries, railroads, significant public and private buildings, and a street key.

Conserved 2008.
Harris County, Texas 1903

Copyright by P. Whitty, Surveyor. Published by E. P. Knoll and Company, Philadelphia, PA. Original size 19 x 24 inches.


Includes abstracts (except those within the city limits of Houston) identified by name with numbers in the SW corner of the abstract, communities, railroads, roads, waterways. “J. H. Hayes / For Bargains in / Rice and Other Lands / also City Property.  / Houston, Texas   610 Main St.” stamped in left corner.

Conserved 2008.
Map of Harris Co. Texas pre-1911

Not dated. Rock Map Co., 1112 Preston Ave., Houston, Texas.  Original size 21 x 16 inches.


Map of Harris County showing existent and proposed railroads, county and shell roads, communities and land abstracts. Distances from the courthouse in Houston are marked with 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 30 mile radius.


Note on the date.  The Houston Galveston Interurban line is indicated as a proposed rail line on the map. It was in existence from 1911 – 1936.

Soils Map Harris County

(composite created by 2 original maps)


The U. S. Department of Agriculture Bureau of Soils Field Operations in cooperation with the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station created the map in two parts:  West Harris County and East Harris County. Original size of each map 34 x 51 inches.Published by A. Hoen & Company Lithography, Baltimore, Maryland.


The base map in part is from the U. S. Geological Survey Sheets.  In addition to information on soil composition in the county, the maps also include topographical information such as marshes, bayous, roads, railroads, cemeteries, schools, and communities.
Official Road Map of Harris County, Texas January 1928

“Compiled under the joint supervision of the County Auditor and County Engineer from County Records.  Approved by Commissioners Court.”  Signatures of H. L. Washburn, County Auditor, A. J. Wise, County Engineer, Norman Atkinson, County Judge, and Commissioners R. H. Spencer, W. G. Sharman, C. D. Massey, and Ben Reinicke.  Original Map size 28 x 22 inches (W x H).


Harris County maintained roads with their names and numbers, state highways, railroads, bayous, and communities are detailed on the map.  Inserted are maps of the Lindale – Oakwood, White Oak – Ryan, and Silverdale Additions and Baytown, Crosby, Humble, Katy, Pasadena, Shady Acres, Tomball, and Webster communities.  The map is from the Charles R. Brace Papers and the notations on the map are his.

Harris County School Districts - Road Map of Harris County, Texas 1927 - 1935

Created by the Office of the County Engineer 1927, copyright 1928 by Harris County. Imprints by C. K. Standish 1932 - 1935. Original size 42 x 32 inches.

"This map is the property of the Harris County School Board." School Board members listed.  School Districts identified by name and number.  Includes roads, railroads, bayous, communities, abstracts.  Insert maps of Tomball, Crosby, Humble, Baytown, Webster, Pasadena, and Katy; Lindale, White Oak, Oakwood, Ryan, Silverdale and Shady Acres Additions.

Harris County Cemetery 1937

Drawn by Hugo W. H. Zapp, County Engineer.  Original size 36 x 28.5 inches.

Plat of the Harris County Cemetery located on Oates Road in East Harris County.  Includes blocks A, B, C, D, E, and F.  Information on the burials is handwritten for each grave site.  The later burials include dates.  Logs for the burials are available through the Harris County Archives.

Map of the City of Houston.

Back of Map.

ca. 1940

Not dated.  Drawn and Compiled by Leslie E. Ogilvie, Jr.  Compliments of Wald Transfer and Storage Company.  Original size 24 x 19 inches.

Front of Map includes city limits, railroads, boulevards, U. S. highways, state highways, parks, cemeteries, and block numbers.  Insert map of Downtown Houston with an index and key to office buildings, public buildings, churches, and theaters.

Back of Map contains the street index, advertising for Wald Transfer and Storage Company, and a photograph of the San Jacinto Monument.

Ashburn's 1947 Houston City Map. 

Back of Map.






Copyright by J. Foster Ashburn, 414 West Bldg, Houston, TX.  Compliments of M. H. James and Associates. Original size 28 x 20 inches.  Front and Back.

Front of Map includes all bus routes and bus line names marked in red.  Houston City Limits are shown and neighborhoods and subdivisions identified. Insert maps of the outlying communities of Galena, Pasadena, South Houston, Bellaire, West University, and Sunnyside.

Back of Map includes the street index, a chart showing real estate activity in Harris County 1924 - 1947, a letter from M. H. James, and advertising for the reality business.

City Map  Company's Map of Harris County 1957

Copyright by R. L. Bayer, 5313 South Park Blvd, 1957. R. M. Stene, Cartographer.  Revisions by Paul S. Ciolli. Original size 29 1/2 x 24 1/2 inches. (Map of Houston on reverse)

County road map with road conditions and indexes to map information including oil fields, towns, adjoining border towns, miscellaneous attractions, Houston city streets, and county roads. 

City Map Company's Map of Houston - "Houston's most up to date map." 1958

Copyright by R. L. Bayer, 5313 South Park Blvd, 1958. Revisions by Paul S. Ciolli. Original size 29 1/2 x 24 1/2 inches. (Map of Harris County on reverse)

Map of Houston with outlying communities.  City limits indicated along with major industrial plants, parks, cemeteries.  No street index.

Houston Area Travel Map ca. 1967

n.d. Travel map of Houston distributed by Humble Oil Company.  Major roads and freeways, attractions, locations of Enco Service Stations and Humble Oil operations indicated.

Note on date:  The date for the map was estimated using information from Houston Freeways by Erik Slotboom, © 2003, pg. 276. 

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