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Precinct 7 Patrol/Traffic Division


The Patrol/Traffic Safety Division is responsible for providing traffic law enforcement services in predominately rural and non-incorporated areas.  This division also provides law enforcement services in and around Harris County Parks, Bike Trails and other county areas.



Precinct 7 Bike Unit

Precinct 7's voluntary Bike Unit provides support to Deputies who perform vehicle patrols. The Bike Unit Deputies also assist in providing security, traffic and crowd control in Precinct 7 during parades, trail rides, and community gatherings. The Bike Unit provides patrol to the Precinct’s walking and hiking trials along our bayou areas.

Here are a few helpful tips to prevent bicycle theft:

  • Never allow a stranger to ride your bike even if the person promises to just go a short distance; they may never come back with your bike.
  • Lock your bike, even if it will be left unattended just for a few minutes.
  • Use a high quality hardened steel U-shaped lock. Please avoid flimsy locks that can be easily broken or cut.
  • Record your bike’s serial number, keep your sales receipt, photograph your bike and keep all of this in a safe place.

We want you to be safe when riding a bike.

Precinct 7 Voluntary Motorcycle/Motorcade Unit

The Precinct 7 Voluntary Motorcycle/Motorcade Unit is dedicated to providing professional services to the citizens of Harris and surrounding counties. Motorcycle/Motorcade deputies are certified and have completed the required training for participation in the unit. This unit provides funeral and dignitary escorts, conducts traffic control for community parades and special events. Although the deputies volunteer to be a part of this unit, each deputy is responsible for providing and maintaining his/her own motorcycle. If a deputy has interest in becoming a motorcycle/motorcade deputy he/she must pass an intense (40 hour) training course and pass a recertification course every year.

K-9 Unit

The purpose of the Precinct 7 K-9 unit is to assist deputies in the areas of tracking suspects, vehicle and building searches.  Precinct 7 is fortunate to have the dynamic duo of Deputy Rick Juarez and Marco.

Deputy Juarez is a certified handler an decoy and has been a handler for 11-years.  His faithful companion, 6 year-old Marco is a Belgian and Malimois.  Marco has been trained to perform dual-purposes that include sniffing out narcotics, as well as, patrolling.  Deputy Juarez and Marco have been together for five-years.

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