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Contract Division

First and foremost thank you for allowing the Harris County Constable's Office of Precinct "7" this most gracious opportunity to provide a monthly glimpse into the Operational Performance of the Neighborhood Contract Division of Precinct “7” to the members of your community and constituency.  In addition, within this component of the Web Page it is our intent to provide insight and understanding into the reporting methods and procedures of the Neighborhood Contract Division.     Precinct “7” Constable’s Office as a Law Enforcement Agency is committed to the practical and theoretical application of law enforcement with integrity.  The committed can only be ascertained through the dedicated pursuit of professional and academic excellence.

During the execution process of the Neighborhood Contract Program within your community this agency utilizes the “Community Oriented Policing” philosophy of policing.  With this philosophy Deputies will work closely with community residents developing a sense of character of the neighborhood through regular informal contact with residents, businesses and institutions in the contract jurisdiction. Community-oriented policing is not merely a program within this Agency.  “Community Oriented Policing” is a philosophy, a style, and a method of providing police services and managing the police organization. In addition, it involves empowering citizens to help local law enforcement provide safer neighborhoods.
Contract Deputies are highly visible and are diligently responsive to the needs of your community.  Contract Deputies respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for service from any constituent within the geographical boundaries of the contract.  Contract Deputies do also as a direct bi-product of their presence and visibility significantly suppress criminal activity in the contracting subdivision. Contract Deputies patrol the same subdivision continuously and thus are innately familiar with the residents who live there.

Precinct “7” personnel invariably maintain a high rate of reoccurring positive interactions with the residents and business owners of your community in the form of “Citizen Contacts”. This is partially accomplished through the additional implementation of the "Stop, Walk and Talk" philosophy of law enforcement.  Under this philosophy the Deputies are required to make daily positive citizen contacts and report them to their first line supervisor daily.  The implementation of this philosophy greatly assists in the achievement of the goals and objective of the Neighborhood Contract Division.

The primary goal and objective of the Neighborhood Contract Division is to ensure that each individual constituent enjoys the blanket of protection, security and the benefit of the law enforcement services that are bestowed on the contract areas assigned to the Harris County Constable’s Office of Precinct “7”.  The secondary goal and objective of the Neighborhood Contract Division is to have a deterrent effect as it relates to a decrease in the frequency of crimes committed within the contracted area.

The Neighborhood Contract Division utilizes proactive enforcement in conjunction with selective enforcement when enforcing the law within your contract area.  The proactive law enforcement style encourages Deputies to maintain a highly visible presence, conduct investigations, detain and or arrest individuals if needed.  Please note that these tactics have been related to crime reduction rate.  Under the selective enforcement theory of law enforcement, Deputies are encouraged to utilize their time and resources in a manner that is best able to protect and serve their constituents.  Each Deputy is required to evaluate each situation carefully prior to interjecting law enforcement intervention.  If only issuing a warning to the violator will suffice then a warning should be given. 

The Patrol function is a major part of the implementation strategy of the Neighborhood Contract Division’s policing philosophy.  An important aspect of this is the necessity of reporting patrol and other activities to our constituents professionally and competently.  This necessity is satisfied by the submission of re-occurring monthly contract performance reports.

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