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Constable Precinct 7 Communications

Constable Precinct 7 Dispatch Division

The Communications / Dispatch Division is vital to Precinct 7’s law enforcement operations. This professional trained and certified T.C.L.E.O.S.E. staff  is responsible for answering emergency and non-emergency calls 24-hours a day. Precinct 7’s dispatchers detail and relay incoming calls to field officers.  These calls usually involve emergency calls to service, traffic accidents, calls for assistance, disturbance calls and all other police related incidents.
Safety Tip of the Month

If you come across a person that has been injured, the best way to assist them before first responders arrive is by staying calm and by keeping the victim calm.  Next, call 9-1-1 and give them all of the requested information.  If someone else is available to make the call, have them do it while you help the victim.  If the victim is bleeding, first assess the situation and stop the bleeding by pressing directly on wound.  Remember, only provide assistance if you are competent and trained to do so.  If unsure about what to do you may cause more harm to the victim.

If the victim was involved in a fall or auto accident, or shows signs of back or neck trauma, do not move him.  Only perform procedures you have been trained to do.  Keep others away from the victim, but let them help by bringing a first aid kit, blanket, or etc.  If possible, have someone waiting to lead the emergency responders to the scene.  Others can assist by keeping people back if a crowd forms.  If victims are trapped, do not try to free them, because you may only make the injuries worse.  When in doubt, wait on the first responders because they are trained and equipped to handle emergencies like these.

Learn about CPR and register for a CPR training course in your area by clicking on the link below.

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