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ASAP or Absent Student Assistance Program strives to keep children in school. Through a variety of means, deputies work to identify truancy problems and find remedies to help students stay in school. In order for a student to receive an education, the student must be in school. The program, which was started in 1991, works with schools to assess and develop a program to reduce truancy.


10 years ago a partnership between the Baker Hughes' Central City Industrial Park Security Association and Harris County Precinct 6 office was created to provide extra law enforcement protection for the Baker Hughes' complex on Polk Street and the community in the greater East End.

The plan then expanded to include the Greater East End Management District and Gulfgate Center.  This novel concept was the first of its kind where a corporation paid to provide more police patrol for adjacent communities.  This has been a model partnership between the business community and government to improve the quality of life for all.


Deputies serve civil process, execute writs, and serve subpoenas for property and people.  This includes, but is not limited to, citations and other notices such as eviction notices, Writs of Garnishment, Writs of Attachment, Restraining Orders, Protective Orders, Writs of Possession, Writs of Reentry, Writs of Sequestration, and Writs of Execution.

For Harris County civil process fees for service inside of the county go to harriscountytx.gov/constablefees.aspx 


The Communications division consists of highly trained dispatchers / call takers. Using the Computer Assisted Dispatch system, or C.A.D., they distribute calls for service and manage patrol resources from their Communication Center. The dispatchers are a critical link to the deputies in emergency situations and a connection to other agencies and to the public.


Precinct 6 Deputies are assigned to various courts as Bailiffs.  These deputies are the law enforcement arm of the court. They keep order in the court, serve legal process or other court documents, and take charge of juries when the court is not in session. Also bailiffs provide general security for the courthouse and its staff.


The Gulfgate Division is an extension of a partnership with the Greater East End Management District and Precinct 6 to patrol the new Gulfgate Center 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


The Housing Division was created through an agreement between the Houston Housing Authority and Precinct 6 to patrol several housing complexes in the city of Houston. Deputies also participate in resident council meetings and respond to needs of the community. 



Volunteer/Reserve Police Officers must complete the State approved Basic Peace Officer Certification course which is now over 600 hours.  Most do this training at their own expense through The University of Houston, The Houston Community College System or at other area colleges. Several volunteer Deputies are retired police officers. 


The Warrant Division is responsible for serving warrants and arresting fugitives. Most warrants are the result of traffic violations and hot checks.


The Patrol Division provides the most visible and direct services to the community 24-hours a day. These deputies respond to emergencies, answer calls for service, enforce traffic laws, investigate accidents and conduct initial criminal investigations.


The water rescue team is made up of Deputies certified in water rescue and a number of other deputies trained to assist in water rescue and recovery efforts, the precinct has added three search and recovery boats- which include an inflatable rescue boat, a couple of military vehicles (deuce and half trucks) and two-heavy duty 4x4 trucks.

The water rescue team has been trained in rescuing multiple victims in physically challenging conditions. They’ve also been trained to maneuver boats in strong currents and provide nighttime search and rescue operations.


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